Childcare Software Management

Looking at the children, staff and parents is what you should do as a childcare center. They are the building blocks of your business. It’s for them, why you passionate the industry in the first place. When you are sitting in front of a computer for most hours, you are doing it all wrong. Do not get bogged down by administrative duties. It’s high time you implement the efficient solutions to combat administrative demands. It’s the prime reason why you need childcare software. Childcare solutions meet your every administrative need. Thus it offers more time for you to look after children.

Childcare software to cater the unique needs of centers:

Childcare centers would love to work on specialized software. All the family and child information is maintained in one database. When you update information, you have to do it one time. It gets updates all over the system. These are the most wanted features, centers crave for. Software accounts for added security in form of PINs and fingerprint for recording children and staff attendance.


Accounting management and finance tracking:

Software makes billing, payment processing and collections happen in blitzing speeds. The center can have a complete fee management system, thanks largely to specialized software. Automation available in software results in calculating and posting fees in matter of minutes.

Menus, meals and activity manager:

Food and Play is more important that curriculum in childcare. Childcare programs are designed to track menus and meals. It checks whether the meals have been meeting calorific and nutrient needs. We can’t emphasize the need for ‘Play’ in preschool enough. Activities are of utmost importance for children up to the age of 4. Activity manager tool is focused on making the child doing enough activities. Caregivers would know the handiness of these tools.

Other benefits of childcare software:

•    Parent Communication: Childcare programs integrate with Microsoft Word, Outlook etc… You can send email from the program. In case of emergencies you can notify parents with automatic phone messages.

•    Scheduling and Attendance tracking: Software makes it easy to update schedule for each child. Program includes staffing tools to get most out of your manpower. You can track attendance and follow attendance based billing.

•    Enrollment and Recordkeeping: Online registration provides parents the comfort of enrolling their kids from home. You can track unlimited amount of data from student files. Immunization statistics can be accessed anytime by center and parents.

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